The Pacific Northwest has quite a few races to enjoy. We start off slow because it is just too rainy! As the summer months arrive, triathlon season begins with many races from which to choose.

Check out Racenter.com for a great calendar for the year.

Here are some of the local events that we will be working toward this spring and summer:

Spring Classic Duathlon-Portland

This race is usually the roughest of the season. April in Oregon typically doesn’t bring with it blue sky and gentle scents of spring. But if you want a good sprint style event (Run-Bike-Run) before the season really kicks into gear, this is a good one for you. It’s cold, windy, and if you are particularly unfortunate, rainy. So dress warm!

Heart of the Valley-Corvallis

As the first Tri of the season, this is a great one for beginners. The swim portion is held in a 50m pool, has a moderately hilly bike ride, and a two loop flat run through the nearby neighborhood. Folks of all skill levels participate, which makes it feel more comfortable for those learning the sport.

Blue Lake Triathlon-Portland

Pacific Crest-Bend

Nothing is better than heading into the summer months in Bend. If you’ve lived in the valley long enough you know that banking on warmth in June will leave you in the cold, so heading off to Bend provides a much-needed retreat. The water is frigid, the air is clean, and the event is well attended. Rent your cabin and make a weekend out of it!


New to Portland is Rev 3. Word on the street is that they really know how to run an event, so let’s let them know that Portland is a great place for them to stay. Sign up!

Haag Lake-Forest Grove

A northwest original, Haag Lake is nestled in the beautiful wine country of the northwest. The Haag Lake Tri has the Tri-It, Sprint and Olympic events. The water is usually warm, and the hills are frequent and painful at times. Two loops around the lake leave you sufficiently worn out and ready for the 6 mile jog. Work those hills beforehand and you’ll enjoy it a lot more!

Amica Mid-Summer-Portland

It’s August in the northwest and the water is warm. Actually, sometimes the lake is so warm that they have to close it (strange things start to grow). So if the lake is safe, this is a very fast course that makes you feel like a pro. Flat are the roads for the bike and the run, which keeps those legs nice and loose.


Another new Tri to Oregon, so sign up and give ‘er a run!


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