Stay tuned! We will introduce our Tri coach in a matter of weeks. In this section of the website there will be blogs and training tips from our team leader.

Not a strong swimmer? YouTube should be your absent trainer. This is a great video series on how to increase your power while reducing your drag. Remember, the whole goal with swimming is to do more with less. Not a great swimmer? Don’t stress about it. Races aren’t won in the water. If you look at the difference between the average swim time and the fastest swim time, there’s about a 3-4 minute gap. You can easily make that up during the hour or more you spend on the bike course, transitions and the run!

Proper Swimming Technique

Getting out on your bike at least 4 times a week is a must if you are going to attack those hills like you mean it. Oregonians need to think differently about getting those miles in about 9 months out of the year. Hook your bike up to a good trainer, put on some favorite tunes or watch the television while you push through a good hour of spinning. Of course, our club provides many options for group spinning sessions throughout the week.

Curious about a bike roller? For the money, this is a great way to increase your watt output while training your legs to pay attention to the entire drive. It’s often tempting to establish a pushing cadence which lunges you forward. However, the talent in the expert cyclist lies within their ability to push and pull in a fluid motion. Working out with a bike roller punctuates this technique and provides a great workout at the same time. Read More
Be careful though! Bike rollers take a bit to get used to, but they are a lot of fun when you get it down!

Barefoot running is all the rage, but the technique behind it is far from new. Running on the ball of your foot (as you would if you were barefoot) requires strong core muscles and a lot of practice. Check out this video on the Pose Method® of Running technique.

Need a Training Plan? Click here for some free plans!


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